Pomme d'Ellie
Pomme d'Ellie began when the designer, Ellie, reminisced about a red coin purse her grandmother had, with her friends who studied abroad with her in Britain. She did not know what the coin purse was made of, however, she still remembered the interesting color and its soft touch. After knowing that eel leather was not available in her friends’ countries, she found out that South Korea was the only eel leather producing country. Although it is the lightest in the world with bright colors, it has a difficult manufacturing process with intensive hand production, and that saw its decline since the 1980s. With a weak production environment, only a few were able to create eel leather products properly. The nostalgia of her childhood memory of her grandmother then fuelled her passion to create eel leather bags which carries the sapidity and warmth her grandmother had. Ellie hopes that her Pomme d’Ellie bags give the owner their personal story as it did to her.