Munchumart Numbenjapol, has always been an ambitious and a unique character since her school days at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. After graduation, she was hired by Greyhound and heavily involved in establishing Greyhound’s spin-off brand, Playhound. Working at Greyhound and for Playhound has actually paved way for Munchumart to discover her unique style, dream and courage to do something different. The brand praises bravery, admire courage and like to challenge conventions. They believe that everyone has an inner-hidden-self that was caged by prejudice. In this case it is the defiinition of femininity. Munchu's believe that there is no exclusion between men and women in terms of courage and bravery. However, a woman's strengths does not need to be aggressive as it can be felt through beauty and elegance.