Founded in and inspired by the balmy tropical beaches of Bali, exotic skin handbag label Kulit, which means ‘skin’ in the island’s native language, is devoted to progressive yet classic style. The bags are handcrafted in soft, buttery snakeskin of the highest quality, and constructed in an eased carriage.

With a strong emphasis on quality and incredible symmetry in exotic skin manipulation, Kulit designs bags that are not only sleek and heavy on minimalism, but also copious in functionality and form. Spacious interiors and compartments allow weighty carries with no compromise on beauty.

The label is inspired mostly by local cultures especially Balinese dance, the foremost form of artistic expression on the tiny island. A mellow yet complex aesthetic found in the dance is often reflected in Kulit pieces.

Kulit bags are produced and manufactured in limited quantities in Bali. The bags are handmade by local artisans with decades of experience, and helps support the local community.